Hello Blog Camp 2

Right now I am sat in a session at Blog Camp. Sally opened with the title “Pro blogging is crap” which made me laugh.   Saying that really those 50 quid blog posts are under minimum wage when you factor in the blogging and photography and editing and administration and and and …. She’s right. It’s very low pay really, but I like it. I like meeting new people,  well I do and I don’t!  Most people are lovely but some are just so different from me I struggle to talk to them,  to relate.


Win – lots of chocolate 1

Chocolate no longer appeals so much to me since I’m trying to lose about a stone in weight. For a short time I did the dreaded calorie count and was shocked by the numbers on my chocolate wrappers. I still love chocolate,  I just don’t scoff a “family size bar” by myself any more. A small group of us bloggers are clubbing together to buy one of our readers a lovely prize package (this giveaway will be listed on all the blogs below):


Is honesty good?

I have totally over shared myself,  my thoughts and feelings.  I’ve hit YouTube with a silent story video trying to explain my mental health conditions.  As a result of a traumatic series of events as a young child all the way through to my early twenties.  Then “bad births” with both of my sons.  So many things are triggers for me. Each day I am effected in some way by it all and it doesn’t really go away.


Mr Kipling #BetterWithCake 2

Just before Easter Mr Kipling and BritMums sent us some cake. Sadly I lost the images I took as my phone memory card failed, but luckily I’ve got permission from other bloggers to use their snaps. YAY! Image source MaxAndMummy blog. We took our cakes on camping holiday to Devon with us. Cakes as a packed lunch snack on sunny days, or cakes with cuppas in the tent on chilly evenings.

Depression – the taboo 2

Depression! View image | gettyimages.com It’s a word all over the media lately. People with depression are not all dangerous, most of the time most of us are harmless to everyone but ourselves. I luckily am not a pilot. I’m not going to lie, I don’t think I should be in charge of hundreds of lives – ever. But I would happily get on a plane, even if I knew that some of the flight crew had or have depression. Just having depression does not make you want to harm others. If a person gets treatment it can really help, I don’t mean just tablets and more tablets, I mean therapists and real help.  Before I got “help” I would consider myself possibly a danger to others – if I was suicidal in the wrong place at the wrong time I wouldn’t have cared that others were in my way. I […]


Pooch&Mutt dog food review

The girls got some post this weekend.  A nice little parcel addressed to them from Pooch&Mutt. If you’ve not heard of them before they sell a range of premium dog treats and dry food but with a little twist. The products aren’t just made with nice ingredients,  they are made to address a doggy problem too. There are foods for hounds with bad breath, flatulence,  and weight management issues. Treats to help with joint pain and anxiety issues.  It looks like normal food, the girls seem none the wiser I am perfuming their whiffy mouths.  Freya and Doris are trying out the fresh breath complete* food. The photos of my gorgeous dogs do not show the pungent gases wafting from those huge snout,  but trust me, when Doris is huggled up in my bed then yawns towards my face I’m amazed I don’t pass out! When driving with the girlies […]


Getting fit – update 9

For the last week I’ve been trying something different.  I’ve stopped calorie counting and joined SlimPod.  It’s the kind of thing that a few years back I’d have dismissed as nonsense, the best way I can describe it is “motivational podcasts from a man with a soothing voice, bordering on hypnotherapy”. I never used to believe just talking and listening therapy could fix anything – until Dave fixed my dog phobia. Within weeks I was on to the Dogs Trust about helping a woofer. I ended up with Freya, my amazing new best friend,  full of phobias herself. It’s a mutual help thing,  things changed for us both – she got the love she desperately needed and I gained a constant companion and friend. I was so afraid of dogs I couldn’t go outside on foot alone,  only by bike so I could escape faster and if I heard barking […]


Dear stalkers 7

Why do I get stalkers?  I am that interesting weird unusual or do I have a post-it note stuck on me that says “stalk me”? I’ve been stalked before, more than once. This time I think it’s over. You see I have routines as a Mum, I can’t just not take Jen to primary school because of that man watching me. My house, despite being in a city, backs on to fields and a lovely view. Great, unless you’ve got an unwanted friend. Let me give him a fake name.  Carl. Each morning Carl is there, waiting, standing by a gateway between 2 fields,  looking directly towards my home, waiting,  checking his watch. I run at my  car, avoiding eye contact,  and lock the car doors when my hounds and little lad are in the car. I want to walk,  I didn’t feel safe walking, knowing I’m being watched. Since […]


Animal friends forever

  We’re a nation of animal lovers. Few things score as highly on the scale of “ahhhhhh” as a picture of an adorable puppy or a playful kitten. YouTube is awash with hilarious videos of animals attacking their mirror images, chasing laser beams and getting themselves into tight squeezes.   And who hasn’t wasted an idle half hour giggling at one of the millions of cute cat compilations that invade our facebook timelines every day? Social media is responsible for giving some animals celebrity status and that’s led to spin offs like books deals, movies and even a clothing line. Yes, animals make us smile. But one of the reasons we love them so much is that they elicit a panorama of emotions in us – fear, disgust, awe, compassion, shock, joy, empathy . . .the list goes on.


The Sun #MySundayPhoto 7

This week was of course the Eclipse, and the first day of spring. Typically that morning it was cloudy and this messed up the chances of getting a great photo of the eclipse.  I took the woofers on the fields and tried to photo the sun.


Jen & D on the swings 2

Friday after school D, Jen and I got our bikes out and cycled to the park. Not our usual one, but it is actually closer to us.