Kind things #BlogItForward

A few days ago I tidied up the garage, this reminded me my old bike was just collecting dust. We pumped up the tyres, gave it a bit of chain oil to make it usable and I wrote a note saying “free bike – needs TLC but works” then I left it outside. It wasn’t dumped, I could still see it from the garden. Hopefully the new owner will get a lot of mileage out of it.


How to make your house cosy for winter

With less than one week until winter officially arrives, most people will be starting to prepare themselves for the bracing cold conditions that are likely to hit the United Kingdom. Whether that means gritting their driveways or simply wearing an extra layer of clothing, British people are extremely thorough when it comes to preparing themselves against the cold and many will also take extreme lengths to completely adapt their houses to ensure maximum comfort away from the freezing weather outside. Here are a few ways how you can make your home incredibly cosy during the winter period.   Put Christmas decorations up There’s nothing more warm and welcoming than Christmas decorations. With less than one month until the big day, it’s now acceptable to get the tree out of the loft and stick tinsel all around the ornaments. Christmas decorations add a positive, happy feel to the family home and […]


Black Friday deals 2

This morning is Black Friday, and I’ve had a peek around the Web at my favourite stores for you. PETSHOP.CO.UK The main offer: Free £10 Voucher when you spend £100 (voucher will be emailed within 7 days of placing the order).  EXTRA 20% Off Selected Brands: James Wellbeloved, Royal Canin, Applaws.  £10 off all big bags of Hill’s Science Plan. 12 Free Dog Trays when you buy any big bags of Huntland or Country Kitchen. 35% off Yumove Joint Supplement.  

Lego Friends 2015 advent calendar

Lego Mixels and Lego advent calendars

If you are looking for some cute little stocking fillers for children this Christmas then Lego Mixels might be a good choice. Jen loves making Mixels, then taking them apart and mixing the sets up too. Mixels are basically brightly coloured little monsters made from the quirkier Lego bricks and pieces. There is a cartoon that goes with these models, and gives the characters a bit of a back story and Jen loves this. Dee, not so much! He’s happier to build them in to bizarre new creations of his own choosing. It really does suit both of the lads, even though one is at Primary school and the other in big school. Mixels come in series (currently on series 6) and each has 3 sets (tribes) of 3 models. So in the current series there is a green, a yellow and a purple tribe. On their own they make […]

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

WIN – Carbon Monoxide awareness week 24

Ages ago I wrote a post about Carbon Monoxide. Carbon Monoxide can commonly come in to the home via a faulty gas powered appliance, such as your boiler or kitchen hobs. The huge problem with CO is it is invisible, tasteless and invisible. The only way to detect it is with a Carbon Monoxide alarm, and that is the point of this post. I Have been offered a CO-9X FireAngel Carbon Monoxide alarm by Corgi Homeplan to give away to one of my readers as part of Carbon monoxide awareness week which ends today. For tips and advice on Carbon Monoxide safety please read here.   As it happens this is exactly the alarm I have. It’s easy to use and set up, the hardest part was drilling a hole for a screw to hang it on my kitchen wall. In the box was a very good instruction leaflet, and I remember […]


Kindness not hate 2

I have decided that I am no longer afraid. I’m not going to live in fear of things I can’t change. In fact, sod the bad people, I’m going to be happy. I’ve decided I’m going to fight back in a pacifist way. I’ve been being deliberately kind to strangers. Regardless of nationalities, religion or skin colour. If I can help I’m going to try. I’m calling it random acts of kindness. Today’s #RAoK was trying to get a lost dog back to his people. The last few days I’ve seen several (at least 30) A4 home printed flyers stuck everywhere there was space. This family clearly were missing their little Jack Russell. So I was at home minding my own business and the local radio had a traffic report that said their was a dog in a main road nearby.


Adaptil tablets – do they work?

Our darling Doris is terrified of fireworks we recently found out. Really terrified, she has worryingly long panic attacks as I mentioned recently. Having seen her panic, I knew I didn’t want to just “wait and see” if she’d be alright. So we have been using Adaptil stress relief tablets for dogs.


Not afraid? Well I am a bit 15

By now I am sure you know about Paris, a city I love, being attacked. It’s awful, it truly is. But already all I am hearing is “let’s retaliate“. How about no? If we retaliate we are also terrorists, we need to stop fighting. I am not racist or religionist (is that a word?) but the last few weeks I’ve been trying extra hard to be nice to minorities. The kind of people tabloids would have you thinking want to kill us all. Do you know what? The lady who runs in a hijab in the fields behind my home, she’s just a mum that cares about her fitness. She has not got an explosive vest on under the lycra, I said “hello, how are you doing” and she didn’t say anything about my short skirt or that I was wearing a poppy. That’s because Muslims are not the enemy. […]


When a person becomes invisible 5

Yesterday I was walking through town, minding my own business and a homeless guy said “can you spare some change please?” I hesitated and considered just saying “sorry but no” like I often do but he looked at me and smiled. I shake my purse and grab some silver coins, it’s not a lot but he genuinely seemed happy. I say “sorry it’s not much lovely” and he said something like “it all helps, and at least you didn’t ignore me.” It was a bit chilly, and I’m honestly nervous about giving homeless or other street people money as one local man always lies, so I say to the young chap on the floor “fancy a cuppa?” His face! “Yes please, a coffee with 4 sugars miss.”


Cravendale the #MilkDrinkersMilk 2

My lads love drinking milk, a bit too much. Jen never really grew out of milk after being a fussy eater, we would give him milk all the time as a way to sneak nutrients in to him. Dee wasn’t half as fussy that’s for sure. Both of them still call milk “moo juice” even in shops or cafes and it can either be cute or embarrassing. At least they milk comes from cows, it’s worrying how many kids don’t know that these days.  My lads have both been to farms, and although they’ve not milked the cows themselves they do understand. I grew up surrounded by farms so I’ve milked cows and goats several times as a child. Goats milk, erm, my advice just don’t! It might make good cheese but it’s not a pleasant drink.


A little bit of Me time – WIN 3

Towards Christmas it can get manic with kids and Christmas lists, and advent calendars, and writing a ton of cards booking a food delivery and and aannnd…. Wouldn’t it be nice just to stop and do something for yourself? A nice soak in the tub with no interruptions? Maybe with some candles, and your favourite music playing and possibly even a cup of hot chocolate? Well we’ve got you covered! I have teamed up with a great bunch of bloggers (again), to offer up the fantastic prize of hamper, which will hopefully have you looking forward to pampering yourself no matter how busy the day has been. Before we get onto the prize – lets meet the lovely team who have all chipped in to offer this prize: Julie’s Notebook | Lisahh-Jayne | Futures | Trials and Tribulations of a Brummie Mummy | Life in a Break Down | UK […]


The big blogger Crimbo competition 14

This Christmas I have teamed up with a wonderful collection of bloggers to giveaway an amazing prize just in time for Christmas. One lucky winner will be walking away with a fantastic £150 worth of Amazon vouchers while two runners up get £30 each (if the winner is from a country other than the UK the prize will be delivered via PayPal cash). I love getting involved in things like this, we have all chipped in to give one of you a pretty decent amount of spending money for Amazon. Spend it on yourself, or buy the Christmas presents with it, maybe even keep it for the dreaded January Sales. Personally I’d spend £150 Amazon cash on a new bunny hutch and toys as I recently got another pet rabbit. She’s called Maggie and looks exactly like Bart and Mo bunny’s previous companion who sadly died within months of adopting […]