Daily Archives: September 13, 2011

9/11 RIP to all involved

I know its been a long time…. but I’ve been watching 10 year anniversary documentries. I still find it deeply emotional and cried about 3 hours tonight. Ok, I’m not personally contectted to this, and I don’t know anyone who died but I feel for those that are connected. Everyone remembers where they were that day. I was in central London, big buildings all around. News and internet was panicy, said London was next. I was terrified, I won’t lie. I felt disgusted and shocked and angry and confussed and and and….. Where were you on September 11th 2001 ???

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Excited and nervously waiting….

I got a phonecall yesterday from ITV. That’s right compers, a biggie! The comp the call was about is “Daybreak Down Under“. I can’t even remember what I wrote in the “why should we pick you to win” bit on the form although I remember writing it, then deleting it and rewriting a few times! Picture Credit – From ITV.com website The ITV chap wanted to confirm I entered myself, wanted to go and was eligible (age, valid passports and so on). I am *shortlisted* rather than won it, yet. Fingers crossed bloggers!! I didn’t think to ask yesterday when on the phone how many were shortlisted… I so should have. Curiousity got the better of me, so went looking online on my phone at lunch time at work today. Shortlist is only 75 but there are 50 prizes. So two thirds of us shortlisters will go to Aussie. The […]

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Gardening by storms

As I’m sure you all know UK is getting the tail end of a hurricane that’s misnavigated and come to UK, not usa. Unfortunately this wind took down a lot of my veggies. My Apple tree was sideways, herbs squished, but the tomatoes were worst. Tall plants ripped from sticks, and little red and Orange toms all over the path. So we were forced to do an impromptu harvest. This was 3 mixing bowls full. 1 bowl full was ripe, the majority are green though. Fortunely Hubby is a good cook and also does a mean green tom chuteney. Time to start saving old jam jars, sweet and sour jars etc. If anyone’s interested I might copy his chuteney reciepe for you to read. After all, Xmas is coming and this is pretty festive!