Daily Archives: March 20, 2012


Working Mums…. 2

I was emailed this weekend by Save The Children about something I feel strongly about as it effects us. Below in speech marks is quoted from save the Children’s email to me this weekend. I’m a working Mum, and I work for pence not pounds after childcare, I’m in childcare poverty/debt! I earn £6.90 an hour, pre tax which I get no discounts on such as working family tax credit. I pay £3.25 an hour childcare for one, and £6 an hour when both are in care. So during school hours its okish, after 3.15pm I’m working for free / at a loss. The only way I actually afford food is by skipping the break entitlements I have, as I don’t get paid for this time, and cycling or walking EVERYWHERE even in snow. I made the mistake of using the bus a few times last year, on those days, […]