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Have been underwear shopping…. 2

Most of my bras were frumpy or worn out so Hubby bought me new stuff. I chose and he paid, my kind of shopping. My point is not that he’s being nice, but about Primark’s underwear. I am flat chested, since having the kids I’m barely there anymore in the boob department. This is depressing if you haven’t always been flat. They had some bras on the back wall the packaging said “maximise your assets” and they looked ridiculous, but I picked one as the pants are separate so I can choose my size. The sets are useless… Pant sizing shouldn’t follow cup sizing. Please is there any lady out there reading that is a 36B and wears size 12 bottoms? I want 16 at least but that is paired to D cups! These bras I’ll just call “assets” from now on rock! States they increase you 2 cup sizes […]