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A review of Poultry starter kit, from countrywide farm stores

A few months back we bought this chicken starter kit from CountryWide farm shop near our home. We had been looking at Omlet Eglu chicken homes* but they were so expensive. The online price shows £250 but we waited until a special offer weekend to buy and paid £200. Worth the wait to save fifty pounds. It’s a good basic package, but once you actually put chickens in this home its just not big enough. The shop staff had stated we would be able to keep 3 to 4 chickens. But this would be mean, in fact the local farmer we bought the chickies from refused to sell us 3 chickens after quizzing partner on our chicken run and coop size. This was a bit of a disappointment, but doesn’t matter now. We’ve had the girlies a little while now and they seem to be ok with it. The starter […]

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The weekend away

A couple of months back I booked a Sun newspaper holiday. I had told partner we needed time away, I needed time off of work and being a parent. I felt I was losing my marbles a bit by then. Ironically I was just a bit too late, if I’d got time off a few weeks earlier maybe I’d be ok at the moment not on medication and feeling lost. This will be my first time alone with him for months, December I think and that was only one night. Since then, yes I’ve been on holiday to Cornwall camping but I got the slipped disk and was still with the kids. I love the boys, but a break is very much overdue. Tommorow will be my first time out in a busy public place without partner since the breakdown. I have to pick up both boys from school and […]