Daily Archives: November 6, 2012

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Chickens update

Well its freezing where we live, frost over night and between 2 and 6 degrees in daylight. Despite that Tikka just started laying eggs. Fajita has been laying about 3 weeks now. The paler ones are from Tikka and the normal coloured one is Fajita’s. This looks boring, but to my boys it was exciting. The first egg from home, cooked for lunch one day last week. (others have been used but as ingredients so they didn’t notice) The girls have settled in completely now, and are pretty confident except when it comes to the neighbours cat. This moggy is not learning its unwelcome despite water pistol and Nerf gun attacks from the boys and I. Not just random mean-Ness I should add, but purely in defence of our hens. The girls make a different noise when cat comes into our garden, they sound like ducks! It’s effective though, as […]