Daily Archives: December 24, 2012

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Christmas Eve Eve 2

Tonight we’ve been playing Uno and Monopoly Deal card games. Cheesy Christmas songs and then the new “War Of The Worlds” cd again. Not traditional as such, but kids chose war of the Worlds, believe it or not. Jen is a bit obsessed by it, but I remember I wore out my mother’s record copy of the original! Takes after me. We were playing cards for hours. Monopoly deal is much easier than the board game. I recommend it a lot. Its no good for Jen but he isn’t good at maths or reading yet – he’s four years old. D is great at this though. Basic point is some cards are properties like the four black train stations and super expensive dark blues and some are wild cards, a property card with more than one property but you must chose what colour you are using it as. See the […]