Daily Archives: February 11, 2013

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Bionsen deodorant range, a review 1

I was recently sent these two products to try out. For me it was great, I have the roll on and a pump spray. I much prefer sprays, so used this one more than the roll on. The roll on is a nice handbag size, compact. Also nice that the spray wasn’t an aerosol. Both smelt nice, reminded me of a plain white soap my grandmother used to use, that crossed with baby powder. I’m not great at describing scents, but it’s subtle, nice and all I can say is it smells “clean”. According to Bionsen it contains a unique blend of Japanese spa minerals. “Onsen” is what these spa minerals are known as, hence the name. It’s is not an anti perspirant, meaning it allows you to sweat still, but not loads. This way your body can still cool you. It’s a gentle sort of deodorant, it has a […]

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Big fun with little trains for half term.

The National Railway Museum is hosting nine days of Big Fun with Little Trains this February half term (not all counties have half term next week, here in Gloucestershire it’s half term this week). Just a few of my boys toy trains…. From 16- 24th February, the National Railway Museum is having a celebration of toys and model trains. Children of all ages (including the grown up kind) will be enthralled by the range of little locos from children’s pedal trains, to rides on indoor and outdoor miniature railways* that the whole family can enjoy. My boys both loved the outdoor trains when they were smaller. Children will be able to get hands-on in the museum play areas and enjoy rides of all shapes and sizes. Meccano and Lego workshops and the G-Wizz garden railway will add to the fun. Family friendly model layouts will be on display and visitors […]


Foxes, What Do You Think?

In the last few years Fox attacks are seemingly on the rise. Or at least the number of times the media get hold of these stories is on the rise.The recent BBC news story It seems that foxes are attacking unguarded babies and occasionally sleeping adults. There is a pattern to it from the stories I have read. It’s always in cities, the urban fox rather than the free range variety. It’s often a baby, and it doesn’t bite just anywhere… It goes for limbs. Hands, arms, feet. Not trying to be gross but its like it knows limbs are easier to remove and is that starving that its worth the risks of entering a house for “food”. With the adult attacks it’s similar – biting adults in their sleep. I’ve read about feet, fingers and ears being chewed at. You don’t tend to hear of attacks on say, the […]