Daily Archives: February 25, 2013

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The Little One is Going Through Another Stage. 2

Dear little Jen is refusing to sleep in his bed, so we’ve been refusing to hug, chat or anything after a few efforts to get him to his bed. Here he is last night… Asleep on my stairs. And earlier in the week he made a blanket nest instead of getting in bed… And here he is in his bedroom doorway! Anyone know why he is doing this? It’s not cute like the photos. It’s actually rather annoying he can sleep anywhere unless its at bed time and in his bed. :-/ We tried reward charts for behaving at bed time, we tried taking away favourite toys or time limits on them for being naughty, we’ve tried ignoring it but he goes on hours. And when he eventually gets to bed we are all tired and grumpy, then to make it more fun there is bed wetting thrown in. Struggling […]

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You call this expert bathroom fitting?

Ok then, a little vent is needed….A couple of years back I paid a small fortune to have our bathroom fitted by a local, well known company. They advertised themselves as quality and good service. Well I disagree rather! A few days ago British Gas kindly came out and unblocked my bath pipes. We had tried everything, the foamer gels, several bottles of bleach and the hair dissolving stuff for bathroom pipes. Nothing worked, so I phoned BG and a kind young chap was here the next afternoon. He tried the plunger etc like I had already, then decided the only thing to do was take off the side panel and disassemble the pipes to find the problem. No complaint at all with BG it’s just they were why I discovered the poor fitting. The side panel had been bodge fitted, was too large, so they had sawn some off […]