Daily Archives: April 12, 2013

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Time to Get Growing

Tots100 have set another blogger challenge so I thought I’d join in.Any old excuse to get out in the garden.The tots100 challenge is to blog anything to do with growing. It’s for a chance to win a center parks family break, so how could I resist. This follows on from my recent post It’s Raining It’s Pouring where the weather hindered my gardening plans.Cheap bulbs, from Wilko. Seed multipack from a pound shop. Mixed up bulbs, like lucky dip. I do not do perfect straight line planting in my garden. First I dug over the messy messy flower bed. We have clay based soil, which is heavy and clumps together awfully. To combat this I often dig holes and fill them with home made compost, which is why you might see bits of sawdust and hay mixed in the soil. It’s slowly helping fix the issue. Pre dig photo. My […]

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LOOKISMA, Includes a Contest for USA Residents

LOOKSIMA stands for Looks I Most Adore.   I want to invite you to use the best online stylist in the US. Here you can find out what your style is and get personalised looks that are created for you by professional stylists for every occasion. And, of course, you can easily purchase any item you like. It is free to use. I had a gander about the website, and I must say it is a wonderful idea, its a shame its not designed for the UK yet. It feels very much like an online magazine, a look-book of what’s hot or not. I rather like the Yes or no page, not sure about a look want to know what people think of pair of shoes before you buy them? Ask the audience, phone a friend?  Their mission is to provide professional and affordable stylist services to a wide audience. […]