Daily Archives: July 2, 2013


Overheard Conversations You Want To Butt In To 2

Its school sports day for Dee, there are approximately a hundred parents crammed close together on plastic chairs. One side of me I’m being pushed by a fidgety teen holding a toddler – I feel uncomfortable. The other side, a mum and a nan to a child in Dee’s year. For a while they went on about parents who never come to these kind of things. Well I don’t normally! I used to work, I wouldn’t be allowed a few hours off on a working day like today, I worked in a place that was always single-staffed. Then they continue the rant bringing shift workers in to it…. Thanks! Guess what I used to do shifts. She was saying to the Nan that shift workers should arrange their “split” in the shift around sports days. I’ve never been offered such a choice actually. Workers have to do what the boss […]