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Plant me

Plant Some Trees 2

I’m sure you’ve all realised I’m a bit of a tree hugger, with a huge 11 trees in my small garden (and a Bonsai indoors) I can’t quite cram any more in. So I’d like to encourage, nag, inspire or motivate you lot, my lovely readers, to plant a tree or two. Native trees would of course be better, but anything is a start. We are running out of woodland, and as a girl that grew up climbing trees I find it hard to swallow that in the area I live my boys have no trees old enough or strong enough to climb. The local council do have some big trees, along the edges of roads but these are lopped every other year so they never grow decent branches, they’ll never get much bigger. Of course this is preferable to them being cut down at ground level, a lopped tree is […]


Kelo-Cote Scar Treatment

At BritMums I met the Kelo-cote team, and they gave me a little sample. I then lost that, and they kindly offered me a second sample. Thanks guys! Kelo-cote gel is a skin repairing silicone gel. You dab it (not rub) over scars to reduce redness and the texture of scars. I tried it on several scars, I scar very easily so was spoilt for choice. This costs £29.99 for a 15 gram tube, or £89.99 for 60 grams. Yes I know that’s expensive, but it’s cheap if your scars upset your daily life. Before photos.