Daily Archives: October 11, 2013


Spiders 3

There has been a lot of stories in the media recently about false widow spiders. Sadly I’ve found them at home. Last week I vacuumed in hard to reach places, behind furniture, in the gaps next to furniture, the vents of the windows and along ceiling coving. Since then I’ve been seeing more spiders. They are fast, and have white markings on black, almost shiny bodies.

Winning Weekends

Well it’s in to it’s third week already. Please linky up some nice blog competitions below, they can be your own blog comps, or just ones you fancy sharing. I don’t really have rules for this but I would very much appreciate if you filled in the title (name) box like this: “12/12 Win your favourite sweets – blogname” rather than “my friends awesomely named blog”. I, as before, will try to add a few competitions to the linky myself. Hopefully when (if) this linky takes off properly it will mean that bloggers can quickly link up their posts, and maybe grab a badge to show support, and compers can find a few nice competitions they might have missed really simply. Even if you aren’t a “comper” as such, you might just fancy a quick entry on a few competitions if you are feeling lucky today. Go on, share the love […]