Daily Archives: October 18, 2013


Christmas Shoe Boxes 5

After years being a bit anti the charity shoe box schemes I’ve decided I will give a box to a girl overseas. This change of heart is entirely MichelleTwinMum’s doing. Last year she went with Operation Christmas Child, (or OCC for short) to Belarus to see how they operate and who gets the shoebox parcels. You can read all about it on Michelle’s blog by clicking on the link here.

Winning Weekends (18-21 October)

Winning weekends is four weeks old now. Have you won anything? Or did it increase traffic and entries to you blog contests? Let me know if it’s worked well for you. Please linky up blog competitions below, they can be your own blog comps, or just ones you have seen online and thought “that’s awesome, but not for me”. Maybe a friend is having a blog giveaway/contest for blonde shampoo, but you’re a brunette? Maybe it’s a “mummy” prize and you aren’t a parent? Could be you’ve seen an awesome prize for a dog owner, and you have no pets? Linky it up 😉 I don’t really have rules for this but this is for UK competitions please, and I would very much appreciate if you filled in the title (name) box like this: “12/12 Win your favourite sweets – blogtitle” rather than “my friends awesomely named blog”. End dates are […]