Daily Archives: September 28, 2014


The owls need YOU! 5

Near me is the wonderful Barn Owl Centre and their feathered friends need your support. They are trying to raise £30k so they can buy the farm they are based on. They’ve been renting since 2008 from the council. If they can buy the farm the future will be more secure, they can do the improvements they need to do and not worry about whether the lease will be renewed or not.


#MySundayPhoto – cycling 10

Jen cycled to school, I chose lanes and alleys not the main road just in case. Sadly this was the same morning as a fatal hit and run on a cyclist near our home, so I felt a tad nervous. But my baby did great. I couldn’t get a better photo as he kept speeding off ahead. He did wait nicely at the end of this lane on the pavement, waiting to safely cross the busy road with me. This made me feel old, but happy. My baby is actually a big boy. Linking to #MySundayPhoto at OD3G.