Daily Archives: October 24, 2014


Birds, gnomes and lizards – review 4

That title made you nosey didn’t it? Sorry. Today I received a nice parcel from Gardens2You. They sell garden bits such as wall ornaments, bird feeders, planter labels, fairy doors and gnomes. Very cute gnomes like the website mascot Monty. I like Monty but he’s not without a flaw sadly. He looks great but he’s just not heavy enough and he keeps going missing in the wind. He needs some weight added. I’ll probably drill a hole in the base and pour in some sand and cork it, easily sorted.


It’s big energy saving week 3

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know I like to be eco where I can. We can all do little things, like use the half flush button on the toilet, and turning things like TVs and laptops off rather than putting them in to standby. Standby mode is so wasteful, a quick bit of number bashing on a calculator suggests it about £5/10 a year for a TV left in standby. I bet you don’t think much about lighting your house though. We do not any have any old fashioned ones left in our home, we have a mix of energy saver bulbs and LED’s. Even in the attic we’ve got energy bulbs, I bet that you attic or your garage/shed is where you’ll find your worse performing bulbs still being used. I know some people will say they “already have bulbs so why buy new before […]


#WinningWeekends (24 Oct) 5

It is nearly Halloween and bonfire night so Autumn is well underway now. For me it’s present buying time for Crimbo, so I enter far too any competitions in the darker evenings when window shopping. You never know, you might win a great gift for Granny or a perfect present for Papa. View image | gettyimages.com Anyways, if you haven’t been over to #WinningWeekends before it is a competitions linky. A list of blog based, open to the UK, competitions. I started this linky as I like competitions and know bloggers can get lots of new followers from competitions. As I am both a blogger and a comper I totally love anything to do with competitions and it is great fun when you win something you want. If you are a blogger, share your competition urls here. If you are a comper just get entering and winning things. Please note, the linky widget […]