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New year competition – Win 111

Happy New Year and welcome to 2015 – no matter if your 2014 was good and full of fun or perhaps held some memories you would like to forget; myself and some very lovely bloggers have teamed up to get your 2015 off to a great start. But before we get onto the fantastic prize on offer lets meet the team: Tina – Trials and Tribulations of a Brummy Mummy Julie – Julie’s Notebook Bex – Futures Laura – Petit Moi – Big World Sarah – Life in a Break Down UK Bloggers


Pompholyx – an extreme eczema of the hands or feet 12

For years I’ve been suffering with my feet, and for the last three years I have had persistent recurring blisters on my feet. Blisters that were itchy like hundreds of ant bites or wasp stings. When the blisters go they left behind skin some damaged it looked burned and shiny. Doctors had said “oh it’s nothing, it will clear itself” or “have you tried using moisturiser?” and never really believed me. The problem with our doctors is it is too popular. Too many patients so it is normally about two weeks to see a doctor, by which time the blisters are gone and my soles are just clear shiny skin. Even pharmacists weren’t interested, refusing to sell me anything to help. (Warning : not so happy foot photo later in post)