Daily Archives: March 3, 2015


Brewers Fayre do lunchtime carvery now? 2

Apparently they do! This was news to me but a few days ago I was treated to lunch with my friend Joy. She was invited to attend I kind of tagged along  The restaurant is just off the M5 motorway at junction 9 Tewkesbury.  Not too far away from home,  but I think they are missing a trick not advertising it as motorway services – it’s closer to the road than most alleged “motorway services” where you seem to drive half a mile away from the slip roads. 


TruPrint photo gifts for Mothers day #MillionMumsSmile 2

Not sure what you are planning for Mothers day, but I did something a little different for my Mum and Mum in law this year. Photo gifts from TruPrint. I don’t really see the point in handing a greetings card to someone you see in person so I tend not to send them to our Mums. For my own Mum I made a large photo mug using images of me and my boys from my phone. I forgot to photograph it to show you – I liked it too much and gave it to my Mum already, sorry readers. Mothers day is actually on Sunday the 15th of March this year so I was far too early.