Daily Archives: March 27, 2015


Dear stalkers 7

Why do I get stalkers?  I am that interesting weird unusual or do I have a post-it note stuck on me that says “stalk me”? I’ve been stalked before, more than once. This time I think it’s over. You see I have routines as a Mum, I can’t just not take Jen to primary school because of that man watching me. My house, despite being in a city, backs on to fields and a lovely view. Great, unless you’ve got an unwanted friend. Let me give him a fake name.  Carl. Each morning Carl is there, waiting, standing by a gateway between 2 fields,  looking directly towards my home, waiting,  checking his watch. I run at my  car, avoiding eye contact,  and lock the car doors when my hounds and little lad are in the car. I want to walk,  I didn’t feel safe walking, knowing I’m being watched. Since […]