Daily Archives: April 1, 2015


Pooch&Mutt dog food review

The girls got some post this weekend.  A nice little parcel addressed to them from Pooch&Mutt. If you’ve not heard of them before they sell a range of premium dog treats and dry food but with a little twist. The products aren’t just made with nice ingredients,  they are made to address a doggy problem too. There are foods for hounds with bad breath, flatulence,  and weight management issues. Treats to help with joint pain and anxiety issues.  It looks like normal food, the girls seem none the wiser I am perfuming their whiffy mouths.  Freya and Doris are trying out the fresh breath complete* food. The photos of my gorgeous dogs do not show the pungent gases wafting from those huge snout,  but trust me, when Doris is huggled up in my bed then yawns towards my face I’m amazed I don’t pass out! When driving with the girlies […]