Daily Archives: February 9, 2016

Dee diving of the high board.

Better Extreme trampoline park in Swindon 3

The boys and I went to test out Better Extreme trampoline park in Swindon’s link centre* before it opened to the public. It’s now open. It was easy enough to get to, I had the satnav set to quickest journey time, Blokey had said “Oh it will be hell driving around there on a weekend. You’ll get stuck in the towns traffic and it’ll feel like London.” Sorry my dear, my smarty pants satnav sent me through villages and countryside not the town, it was pretty and a fun drive (except for a twisty 20MPH village) and I arrived a few minutes early. Me… early?! I wasn’t sure what to expect, I don’t like to research places before I attend, ruins the fun. The trampoline park was part of a large warehouse type building, with a swimming pool, a coffee shop, ice skating rink and a gym. If you’re bored there is […]


Do you have an emergency fund?

Today I am handing my blog over to a friend, a wise, thrifty, money saver of a blogger. The following is all written by Emma. Hi, I’m Emma and I blog over at From Aldi To Harrods, all about saving money and ways to make some extra money. I am a strong believer in having an emergency fund and it has certainly helped us out of a few financial pickles. Having an emergency fund is really important so that if you were faced with sickness, job loss, a large repair bill or any other unplanned financial emergency, you have the money set aside so that you can maintain your normal lifestyle. Here are some of my tips to help you kickstart your emergency fund. How much to save In an ideal world, we would have at least 6 months of our salary set aside as an emergency fund. I don’t know […]