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Finished Turkey Curry Pasties

Turkey Curry Pasties 1

So, my first self written post on the Wife’s blog.  I’m pretty sure you won’t want to read about servers or networks (the day job), nor will you probably want to see my modelling (although I don’t promise not to write about that) so all that leaves me really is the only other thing I’m good at; cooking and/or baking.  So here goes. Tradition in our house on Boxing Day is that the left over turkey is diced, mixed with onions, leeks, spices and cream and cooked as a pie. This weekend Gloucester had a late kick off and the youngest asked for pie as pasties to take with us as a hot snack.  I may be biased but it seemed to work.  If you fancy making your own, here’s how…     Ingredients: 1oz butter 2 tablespoons olive oil 2 medium onions, diced 2 leeks, sliced 500g diced cooked […]