A howlingly happy dog this Halloween 1

A few days ago BarkBeats sent Freya Woof and Doris Dog a box of treats to share. I prefer them sharing treats and toys not having two of the same thing and trying to remember who had what.

BarkBeats is a monthly box of dog products, toys or treats that you can buy as a one off or a subscription. (Code bark5 gives you a fiver off!)



In our box was a Pumpkin dog muffin, 2 packets of high quality dog treats, a Starmark foam ball and a gorgeously creepy monster toy.
The woofers stole the monster at their first chance, and have been shaking it and pouncing on it. I think it’s safe to say that a purple fluffy monster with three tentacle and one eye has gone down very well – Freya plays with it then has a power nap with it under her paw at which point Doris sneaks up and nicks it.

The ball is made from a lightweight foam and doesn’t feel strong but it is. Freya has chewed her way out of a metal dog crate in the past, but after a few games of catch it still has no damage. Because it is light it’s less likely to break things when you play indoors which makes it the perfect autumn / winter toy.

The pumpkin muffin was handmade for dogs, but having read the ingredients label I couldn’t see anything people wouldn’t eat, I didn’t eat it but just pointing out if a young kid grabbed a bite I think it would be fine. But as it was  made for dogs it wasn’t soft, it was rather solid but still looked spongey (similar to the appearance inside dog dental sticks).


Seriously fidgety dog, and a Pumpkin muffin.

As it was Freya’s birthday she got first dibs on the cakey. We put three candles in it but I flames terrified her, whoops! She liked it, but being a lazy and spoilt princess I had to hand feed her small chunks at a time. If I tried to pass her the while thing I got sideways looks! Diva.

The treats were by LoveSniffys and Alpha.


Image from Barkbeats.co.uk

The Alpha treats are in little box with a peel off lid, you can’t reseal this but it does keep the meat based snack cubes fresh.
The LoveSniffys treats were carrot flavour, Freya doesn’t do veg normally but she and Doris liked these.

Would I buy it? Yes I think I might, but with a discount code or on a special offer. I love the surprise of it, but if you want to know what’s in your box in advance you can peek on their website. Prices vary depending on how many you buy and you can even send it as a gift to doggy slaves owners as a Christmas gift.

Disclosure : the Barkbeats box was free. My opinions are my own.

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