A Lego dream house? #OceanDreamHome 3

My sons were set a challenge to make a “dream house” from Lego so they’ve been busy rummaging their toy box for cool bits.
Here’s what Jen and D came up with.

Lego house

The front aspect of this modern, open plan dwelling.

This single person accommodation comprises a sizeable open plan living area, a private post box, stone pathways, a long garage, and a garden with fountain, a mature tree and well kept flowers.

Lego bird

The local birds like the garden.

It’s constructed in a modern bright Lego block style and won’t need cladding or cavity wall insulation in the future. Also no magnolia paintwork in sight.

Lego home

A view of the living room area.

The future inhabitants should feel right at home here, with thick brick walling it will be warm in winter and cool in summer. The room is largely unfurnished, meaning the occupants can put their own stamp on this property. It does come with a black brick fireplace, and a funky fire poker – monochrome is hot these days right?

Lego garden

A wonderful outdoors space.

Ideal for Al Fresco dining, why not grab a garden chair and have a picnic lunch listening to the birds and the gentle bubbling of the fountain.

Lego roof

Flat roof, bevelled edging.

The roof is flat (allowing easy access for fitting solar panels), with bevelled edging. This is modern with a nod to the old-fashioned Lego roofing style.

If you can see yourself in a house like this, contact Lego Realtors today.

Not really for sale, already demolished and becoming a spaceship. Don’tcha love Lego.

Lego banner by Ocean

The prize is a £150 Toys R Us voucher.

This post is my entry to Ocean’s dream house competition which is open now until the 24th of August. It is open to bloggers only, please read the terms for more information on entering. We were sent some Lego to assist in the construction of Joseph’s house of many colours the lads dream house.

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