A New Money Saving Website – Daily Deal Superstore 2

As you might have heard me mention before, I use discounts and deals sites. Things like cash back sites (see my side bar) and group buying deals sites. Well there is a new kid on the block, and I think it’s going to be HUGE. I would like to introduce you to Daily Deal Superstore. At the moment the site hasn’t got much publicity but I wouldn’t be surprised if you see it advertised on big websites soon, it is such a neat idea.

It’s like a comparison site crossed with a deal site. Can you imagine Groupon, SavvyMums, KGB deals, Wowcher and lots of other daily deal sites, all in one site?? How about daily deal sites you have not even heard of yet? If there is a deal to be had, you can find it.
Well it is that! I’m in, I think it is a brilliant idea to save a few quid here and there.
Best bit, you can even join on Facebook, they have a neat little FB app so it is dead easy.


Below I’ve got an example deal (I’ve set it up for Gloucester UK) and even an easy sign up form, if you wanted to join. The site has 3 little flags at the bottom of the page, British, American and Canadian – so if you find it is showing the wrong currency click on the appropriate flag. Simples!

Great for shopping for presents or just keeping watch of the deals in case something you really wanted, but can’t really afford pops up on offer. Hey I can dream right?

This is an affiliate link, if you join and buy anything via Daily Deal Superstore I should get a commission. I am not being paid for this post, and my opinions are my own.

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