A weekend in Devon 2

I am writing this from a gorgeous en-suite bathroom at Lympscott cottage in Devon (thanks to HolidayCottages.co.uk),  it’s a lovely bathroom but I’d rather be asleep in bed given its now 2am.

I’m sat on the floor willing my stomach to calm the heck down. It’s been a great day, I gatecrashed a swim the channel challenge at Bude sea pool on Summerleaze beach,  I’ve been for a 3 mile walk around a lake and gone to a quaint pub for dinner. Sadly I ate cheese at lunchtime,  I thought I’d be alright but nope. During the treasure hunt lake walk my belly started to swell up to pregnant proportions and the pain built up. I’ve been cranky and a bit moany,  I now feel a bit guilty. Sitting here, knowing three other people can hear me being unwell, I am praying they are asleep. I was thinking of wandering to the main bathroom but wasn’t sure if I’d make it without turning on all the lights in the hallway and waking people in other rooms too.

English: Summerleaze Sea Pool, Bude.

English: Summerleaze Sea Pool, Bude. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Such a shame as it’s been lovely here,  it’s the middle of nowhere but beautiful. There is no phone signal, really, none. I sent Blokey a sms text message when I arrived here on Friday afternoon,  he received it Saturday evening. That is amazing if you think about it – over 24 hours.  Luckily the cottage has wifi which means I could Facebook message Blokey and some of the others were using Facetime to chat with their families.

Back to Bude sea pool, that Mummy Barrow was encouraging me to get in the water and asked Periscope if I should,  apparently the answer was yes.
V of HPMcQ blog took a fabulous photo of the challenge here…
I got in, in a borrowed wet suit over my Ann Summers underwear, with no towel. I declined the offer of a rubber hat,  I am not wearing a hair condom – I’d rather just get soggy hair. The swimming pool folks said “do as many laps as you like” but with stomach pain starting, plus a short person wetsuit on a tall person body I decided one lap was plenty.  I might have been slow,  but I did it.  You can see the Periscope here but I must say I haven’t seen it myself so hope it’s not too embarrassing.

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