Adaptil tablets – do they work?

Our darling Doris is terrified of fireworks we recently found out. Really terrified, she has worryingly long panic attacks as I mentioned recently.
Having seen her panic, I knew I didn’t want to just “wait and see” if she’d be alright. So we have been using Adaptil stress relief tablets for dogs.


The dosage for Doris and Freya was one tablet each (check the packet leaflet for the correct weight of dog to find out your dog’s dosage). Freya would be mostly fine except the 5th of November and the Saturday as that is when most people let off their fireworks. You are meant to give the Adaptil tablet a couple of hours before the stress is due to start. Sadly one evening I was delayed coming home so didn’t get medicine in Doris early enough, this video on my Instagram account shows the result of being too late.

The tablets most definitely helped Freya, as she even slept through some of the firework noises. Doris is a less perfect patient, and was still afraid, but if given Adaptil tablets early enough she coped better. There was a noticeable decrease in the amount of fear, not that I know how to measure it… But I would suggest that unmedicated her fear could be called hysterical panic and medicated I would describe it as jumpy and nervous.

Obviously next Guy Fawkes night we know what we are dealing with, and hopefully by then she will be more settled and able to cope. But at least for New Years Eve I’ll be sneaking an Adaptil tablet into a slice of ham and encouraging her to curl up on the sofa with her my teddy.


Calm Doris hugging my zombiebear

If your dog is having severe panic attacks I strongly recommend that they visit the vet, if you are just trying to take the edge off of a stressful situation for your pooch (fireworks, moving house, getting building work done at home etc) then I suggest trying Adaptil. They aren’t a permanent solution, but for awkward times it really is the best option in my opinion.

Disclosure :
We were sent the Adaptil tablets by in order to test them out. Always read the label/leaflet on medication (even for pets) and consult a trained professional for proper advice… I’m not trained, I’m just your average dog owner.

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