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For a long while I’ve been tripping over Lego and toys and things. The Lego train set takes up lots of floor space and when Dee gets it out he hates being asked to pack it away.  Well today I solved this problem, I made us an extra room. A week ago I asked on Freecycle if anyone had any carpet offcuts so I could carpet the loft as a play space for my boys.
A lovely chap responded, and even delivered it to us. It was several bits of long but narrow carpet about 12ft long, but in various widths.

My first mission was to lay out the pieces on the living room floor and got the Vax carpet washer out.
As this was the most dirty bit of carpet I decided to wash the underside too.


Never washed the back of a carpet before.

This piece was used, in the chaps garage. Couple of oil marks and saw dust but after I’d finished it looked and smells clean. All the other bits were new, “wasted” bits from fitting to non square rooms. I washed them anyway, as I would recommend for all second hand items.

Ok, I know it looks bad but was mostly dusty. The off cut carpet had been stored in the mans garage for 2 years, he said he didn’t want to just bin it, as it was a lot of square footage, but in bizarre shapes. Like me he thought I don’t want to landfill something in usable condition – I know a lot of the things we no longer need can be used by someone else.
Yes it was dusty and dirty looking, but it was actually unused.

So up in the loft I went, and set about a giant patchwork puzzle. I already had taken the purple carpet up there, as this was offcuts from our bedroom. To be honest I think brown and purple together is looking good!






It took me around 5 hours, Dyson then Vax on each bit, then laying them out to work out the best way to use it to get maximum coverage.
The worst bit was cutting it. I have no knife, so had to hack at it with scissors. I am very stubborn determined so I now have a very sore hand! But seeing them play in a reclaimed room, a space that was unusable, that makes it worth the effort.

The best bit is the track can stay out… Forever. 😉
The loft isn’t a space we need or normally use, no ones going to fall over it whilst trying to open the curtains, and as Freya is scared of heights she can’t get up there and chew any of their toys.

Feeling mega pleased with myself, and it’s cost nothing except time.

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