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My eldest son D has been test driving the Argos My Wishlist app on his Android tablet. It is a good idea, it is like asking the children to write a list but this app is linked to real Argos items and can be emailed to Santa (okay okay, via the parents) when they are done adding to their wishlist.


D said the app was very easy to use but it doesn’t include all the items he wanted. It has hundreds of toys but nothing like as many as the full Argos catalogue has. D is 11 and a half, but Jen who is 6 and a half didn’t say he couldn’t find things he wanted.


At the top there are little frames the children scroll through, Lego, Nerf, top toys and so on. Whilst the images are loading you see the cute monster buddies. When the images are up they just browse them and decide what is cool.

As you can see my attempt at capturing the images was a bit lame, so here are the pictures Argos provided.


The lovely helpful monsters.

I must say the email I got when D pressed send was very helpful, it listed them by the priority D had assigned them. They were linked I the email directly to the items on the Argos website and had the prices in this email. Whilst the children are using the app they are not shown the prices, which is good as its not ruining the magic of it at all.

We have been a bit organised this year, and the boys wrote their paper lists to Santa in October so we have already bought some of the items he chose. I totally recommend this app to parents of younger children,  it was brilliant for Jen whereas D was a little old for it but still found it very useable I would recommend that there should be a way to search for words eg “Lego Mindstorm” and have it search Argos if connected to the net by Wi-Fi so children who really know what they want can use all of Argos.

Disclosure: I have not been paid to write or publish this review. The pictures are my own, except the last one, and the video is by Argos. I have been sent two little gifts from Santa’s helpful monsters though, perfectly suited to my boys ages – Thanks Santa.


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