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As winter is approaching household repairs are on my mind. This house is always freezing in the winter but it improved a lot since we had new windows a few years back.

What I know from shopping around is the prices vary wildly between double glazing companies, so does the quality of the product and the installation. To save you from a double glazing disaster, I thought I’d share a few tips to bear in mind when shopping for new double glazing.

condensation in double glazing

condensation in double glazing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You get what you pay for

This is true of most things in life, and nowhere more so than with double glazing.  It’s no good paying for good windows to be fitted by inexperienced workmen, so do not be tempted to just accept the lowest offer – if it feels like it’s too good to be true then it probably is.


This is not a time for DIY

I’ve heard of people buying just the windows and frames, and then doing the installation themselves. Bad idea! Can you even imagine? You want someone who has installed more windows than they can remember and learnt from all their own mistakes already, so unless you’re an experienced builder this is definitely best avoided. Sometimes only a pro will do,  and I really think that is true of windows and doors. As the other half says, “buy cheap buy twice” – it’s not a bargain if you’ll need to have things replaced early due to poor a poor install job.

Window cleaner at work

Window cleaner at work (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do your research

To get the lowdown on your shortlist of suppliers and fitters, you need to do a little research and check reviews and customer feedback. The worse thing you can do is chose a company based on just the price without reading about other people’s experiences.

If you are looking for a Gloucester double glazing installer then Albany might be good to check out. They have great feedback from previous customers and really do seem to care about customer satisfaction. I always prefer to go with local businesses for things that matter to me, rather than faceless chain stores.


Repair don’t replace

It might be that you don’t need new double glazing at all, so be wary of anyone who doesn’t investigate repair options before simply quoting you to replace the whole lot. Albany offer all kinds of repair services, including windows, doors, conservatories and roofs, and are happy to repair double glazing they’ve not fitted themselves, so this is definitely an option worth exploring. Things such as a jammed lock or condensation between the glass is often repairable.

Don’t forget the little things can often make a big difference, so clean your windows and every now and then pop some spray oil on the hinges. Also if you have vents at the tops of your windows leave them open to help reduce mouldy patches in the corners of your room, but don’t forget to vacuum these vents about twice a year as they can get clogged up.


Disclosure : this is a collaborative post. 

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