B-Sensible Sheets Review and Competition (Ended) 121

As I’ve mentioned Jen is bed wetting at the moment. He’s four and a half, nearly five now so hopefully this stage will be over soon.

I was using plastic sheets until recently. Jen had a meltdown about the crinkly crunchy noise it makes. He refused to go to his bed, sleeping on the floor. When he wet himself sleeping on my sheepskin rug on my bedroom floor that was the final straw! Worse than a wet dog smell.

The lovely B-Sensible folks* have sent me a single fitted sheet to review. These sheets are meant to be comfortable, breathable yet still waterproof, and silent in use. We will see!
If you did want to buy one of these sheets after reading my blog you can buy them at Luxury bedding products. To win one you will see the competition at the end of this post. COMPETITION ENDED.
When I took the sheet out of the box it did sound slightly rubbery/plasticy but once it was fitted to the bed it certainly didn’t sound like this.

The sheet came in this cute black re-usable tote.

The fabric reminds me of Bambino Mio nappy covers. Soft normal cotton on top side and shiny see through rubbery plastic on the underside. It’s very flexible and my eldest said “It’s just a normal sheet isn’t it Mum? Whats so special about that!” which is typical D. I say give it a chance, Jen is the one sleeping on it.

It didn’t take long to give it a full waterproof test sadly, as Jen wet the bed, again.
On the plus side the mattress was dry underneath the B-Sensible sheet.

Here is a photo where you can clearly see the damp area, just by my hand. The second photo is with the sheet peeled back, and again my hand showing were the damp bit was, and note its not wet. Success!!

Wet and not wet….


As you can see that is pretty conclusive, in fact I have binned the plastic sheet, which I was going to keep as back up.


So long crinkly nasty old fashioned sheet, I won’t miss you. You’ve been totally replaced. The advantages of B-Sensible bedding are its good for eczema sufferers, bed wetters, anyone who normally sweats a lot in bed, and that its waterproof and breathable. Its made from Tencel, which is a “new age” fabric. You can read more about that here but basically its an eco friendly fabric made from wood, it feels similar to cotton but a bit smoother and comfortable.

   According to B-Sensible

  • No additional sheets or mattress protector is required.
  • Ideal for mattresses and pillows, Including memory foam.
  • 100% European product.
  • Dust-Mite barrier.
  • Thermoregulatory fabric.
  • Soft touch.
  • Machine washable and tumble dryable.
  • Natural and sustainable fibre.

I agree with all that, although you might not NEED a mattresses protector, I am still using Jen’s mattress protector on his bed as its a nice bit of padding between the mattress and him. If I was to have a B-Sensible sheet on my own king sized bed I would still use a mattress protector, as although the B-Sensible sheet would keep my mattress dry and limit dust mites and dirt and doesn’t hide the feeling of mattress springs and wires.

They come in various funky colours, not just white, but for the competition and review its in white.

For clarity, I was provided with this product for free, in return for my opinions in this post but that doesn’t effect my opinions.

* Ps, Thank you so much to the lovely Heather at The Whole Cabodle. You were fabulous, Friendly, chatty, helpful, fast replies and light-speed delivery and just generally pretty darn cool. :-)

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