Bad dog day out 4

Today this has been happening. Kids and steam trains, plus Freya’s first train experience.


Jen and Blokey. Sunny but cold.


Freya and Jen on the train.


Stressed little love.

I can see the nervousness on her face. She didn’t like it much, but wasn’t crying or howling. Luckily almost every small child introduced themselves and gave her fuss and hugs. One adult accompanying their little lad said “does she do paw?” to me, and Freya answered by lifting her paw faster than I could reply. This made me happy. Sadly she also utterly disappointed me as she snapped at another dog and bit his nose. I didn’t know what to do, I said sorry immediately and asked if the other woof was ok – owner said “He’s fine!” and dragged him off quick. I felt so guilty, the other dog’s body language gave it away he wasn’t ok.

I don’t want to have to muzzle her in public places, but if I hadn’t had her lead and pulled her off in a split second there would have been blood I am sure. So tonight me and Blokey shall be researching dog training people.

She can’t be allowed to attack because she’s scared, she was in no danger, nor were her people. I understand she was stressed, but my normally placid girlie bit a dog that wasn’t growling, wasn’t hostile, no excuse really. I am now very worried about camping in the summer.

Do any doggie owners have advice please?


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4 thoughts on “Bad dog day out

  • Lisa from Lisa's Life

    I’m so sorry to hear Freya had a bad day. Stella gets anxious in most situations but has only ever showed anger during an epileptic seizure, usually she’s the total opposite. It’s never happened with other people or dogs though thank God so I don’t know what I’d have done about it. Sounds like you did the best you could but getting expert advice is a good idea.

    Talk to @WildPaw on Twitter, I bet she’ll know someone useful in your area :) x
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  • Lauranne

    Welcome to the club, sounds like BD and Freya woof have an awful lot in comment. He also has fear aggression and on occasions reacts when scared. My first piece of advice to you would be accept this. I have realised BD will always have this tendency and knowing that makes it easier. Secondly, reconsider a muzzle. BD wears one when out and around strange dogs, I like it because he can’t do any damage if he was to react but also it acts as a warning to other dog owners (or at least the smart ones). Also check out the yellow dog campaign – when I get myself organised BD is so getting one of the jackets! and finally don’t avoid areas with other dogs, which is something we started to do. You have to let her interact with other dogs so she can learn that not all dogs are a threat. I’ve been working with BD for years now and I can see in some ways he has made huge progress but we went for a walk on sunday and he ignored 5 dogs but the 6th he didn’t like and started growling at as soon as he saw it. We don’t like everyone we meet, so why should they?? O and be careful how you tell her off – this one I struggle with. Growling and showing warning signs of being unhappy is good and not something you want to punish her for doing, if she gives a warning you can be aware and that is brilliant, but you do want to teach her that there is no need… if you figure out this one, let me know how to do it!!

    Wow I could go on all day. I’m not an expert but I do live with a reactive dog, if you want an ear, someone to celebrate and commiserate with you know where to find me!!
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    • JulieRoo Post author

      Brilliantly helpful reply. I didn’t shout at her, I clearly wasn’t happy though. When she’s been plain old naughty (chewed up another shoe) or snappy without warning she acts like she expects to get hit. She flinches and I hate it as its so clear she’s been mistreated. I think a muzzle it is, it upsets me to put it on her as she can’t seem to ignore it and just walk, she scratches at it so much, tries to catch it in the bushes to pull it off. Poor girlie, but great to know you’re there and understand.