Banks got me annoyed

Why are telephone and internet banking “security” questions so awkward that even I can’t access my own account.

It’s frustrating as I know why I’ve failed security, I was asked the values of a few recent transactions on my account. One of them I knew was Lloyds chemists, it was the prescription charge for anti depressants. I said I have no idea what the NHS charge is, 7.50 ish. I had to Google it, surely the man on phone could accept “NHS prescription fee” as the answer, but no. I explain I’m disleksyc and numbers don’t stick, but surely knowing exactly what I bought, when these items have a set price, that should be good enough. If anything shows I know my account that I knew the location of the transaction and the time of it!

The reason I’m trying so hard to contact my bank is we are trying to fix our debts. We took out a loan between partner and I for the value of our total debt, and its a scary amount I can say.

So partner transferred a high-4-figure sum into my account last week. The cash is in MY current account, and I just want to clear a loan, in my name at same bank.

After a few attempts I fear I might be blocked totally from my own account. This means Tommorow I will have to go into a branch, in person and try again. Last week I was told I must do it via telephone. Why? Why would you make it so hard to pay! Thank you so much Mr Bankers for being so “helpful”. It’s not like I’m trying to take money, I’m giving it back.

Let’s hope Tommorow I’m having a good day and not too stressed to cope with strangers and queues at the bank.

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