Some Of The Best Views In London 2

London is a very strange and beautiful city. Some really old buildings like St Paul’s cathedral, and then the ultra modern like the Shard. Nothing really fits in the capital, yet is this jumble-sale style mixture of architecture that make it what it is. I wouldn’t change it, personally I love London.

London… Legoland style!

The obvious “best view” place is the London eye, just towering above the Thames and County Hall below.


A fave way to the capital is hop on a river boat, not one of those ferries, but a smaller company is often better. As for the commentary, priceless!

Canary wharf is another obvious place for a good view of the city, although I’ve never done that one myself.

Another place you can go is “The Heights“* at Saint Georges hotel, Regent street. 15 floors up, and lots of windows.

You don’t really need to be high for a great view either! I while heartedly recommend laying down on the grass near the Cutty Sark in Greenwich, manicured lawn and garden, great people watching, awesome boat, view of the river, and the best bit…. The planes fly right over you, close enough to count the wheels or read it’s “number plate” painted on the fins.


Tower bridge! The bit across the top is actually a path, a walkway for when the road lifts to allow bigger boats to pass. Up there would be an amazing view, alas I can’t do it, phobias will not allow it, it’s too open and exposed for sufferers of common vertigo! Suicide walk I think it was locally nicknamed.

BT tower! Iconic and very London indeed, ugly yet pretty in its own way.

And you have not truly seen London until you have seen the underground. The feeling as a train rushes through a station then the breeze, a wonderful warm draft slaps you. The stations themselves are a lush mixture of old and new. Some of the stations feel like old-fashioned pubs, with all the pearly green tiles on the walls, others are like concrete prisons, cold and soulless but photogenic in its own way.

Disclaimer, this post contains a paid link. All words are my own. Photos by my Blokey.

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