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I have been asked to review Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White toothpaste in standard and sensitive. I was pleased to get an email offering me samples of this as I’m a coffee addict and have sensitive teeth. I’m the perfect guinea pig for this actually.


Then it dawned on me – how on earth do I photograph me brushing my own teeth? Why would anyone want to see my teeth?


Here is an unflattering action shot of my teeth.


The sensitive version is white opaque with blue dots, and the standard is translucent pale blue with blue dots.

They both taste ok. Often specialist toothpastes that claim to do more than one thing taste awful in my opinion. What can I say, I’m fussy. But Beverly Hills Formula passes my taste test.

I have only been using this a few days, and its only flipping working! Having tried many “sensitive whitening” pastes over the years I either find no improvement in colour or notice certain classic foods become painful to eat. I’ve not deliberately tested for sensitivity but my son currently has a “thing” for Jubbly ice lollys and I’ve had them too and it felt fine. Also back to my coffee addiction, I’ve had approximately seven million cuppas since I’ve been using Beverly Hills Formula and I haven’t once gone “ouch” whilst pulling strange faces like on sensitive toothpaste tv adverts, also I’ve felt no urge to publicly chew ice cubes. 😉

The white effect is obvious and great, whilst the sensitive effect is quiet and understated. I didn’t think to myself “Wow, what a great sensitive paste, I could bite in to anything.” I just haven’t noticed anything, negative or positive. It’s just right. Not noticing a long term issue is nice.

I have dental problems, having to have several teeth removed as my wisdom teeth smashed them as they grew, and aching in what are now my back teeth has reduced since using this toothpaste. The hairline cracks will still be there but I can’t currently feel them. This is an unexpected bonus.

Guess which version of Beverly Hills Formula will be on my online shopping orders from now on?

You can buy many versions of Beverly Hills Formula and prices vary at around £3 to £4 a tube. Superdrug is apparently a good place to buy this according to a relative. Also available at Lloyd’s pharmacy and Ocado.

Disclosure: I was sent free samples in order to write this review, but my opinions remain honest.
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