Big Night In Challenge

Good afternoon,

I haven’t heard of Two little fleas before, but they certainly got my attention with this competition to win £750 of John Lewis vouchers. I have heard of Little Stuff though, so I’m in.

The idea is to write a post about what you can spend £750 on to have the best “big night in”. As I don’t really do going out, I figured I’d have a go at this.

Firstly, I need some housework doing…. I hit google and had a look at prices and it will cost about £150 to spring clean this place.

And I want a BBQ as mine went to heaven (might have been via a scrap metal collectors van). This one at Argos seems ok, not too show off-ish

but functional.


Then I obviously need food and drinkies?

We have a Sodastream so I would buy 3 more flavour mixes (at average of £3 each). Then off to a local butchers for some really good BBQ meats and sausages, I reckon £30. Then theres the need for a half tonne of bread rolls, salad stuff, and sauces, so that would probably be a supermarket, lets guess £20?


Image from

So that’s food and drink sorted – we have a serious amount of mixing alcoholic drinks in the cupboard already. I can’t have alcohol (stupid allergies), so people can bring their own right?


Proper Gloucester sausages, "cooked proper"

Ooooh cake, how silly, any party needs cake. So I need 2 of these, one in vanilla, and the other one chocolate. So that is another tenner gone. £259 gone so far, eek. At least this is only virtual money.


Now for some entertainment. 😉 Bouncy castles, for adults, oh yeah.I found a local company at £85 a day.


Sorry about censoring

That’s £344 now.

I’m struggling to spend the rest, soooooo lets double everything except the domestic cleaner, and invite the neighbourhood!
Add in some tinny’s of grown up pop, say £50.

If anything was left I’d spend it on lotto lucky dips and share them to neighbours, on the condition the next street party is on them if they win a decent prize. (A tenner won’t make a great do.) That would be awesome, sharing the good luck and prizes.


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