Birds, gnomes and lizards – review 4

That title made you nosey didn’t it? Sorry.
Today I received a nice parcel from Gardens2You. They sell garden bits such as wall ornaments, bird feeders, planter labels, fairy doors and gnomes. Very cute gnomes like the website mascot Monty.

I like Monty but he’s not without a flaw sadly. He looks great but he’s just not heavy enough and he keeps going missing in the wind. He needs some weight added. I’ll probably drill a hole in the base and pour in some sand and cork it, easily sorted.

These birds are way better than the photos I took. The little Wrens look almost real, and I expect my pet chickens will try to ambush them soon. The bodies are a resin plastic but the legs are metal, as we’ve got panelled wooden fencing I plan to get some staple shaped nails and fix them on top of the panels. They will look like they are walking along our fence!
The bird feeder is awesome – it is my favourite item. As I already have 3 feeders I am going to get a bit DIY on this item too. It’s going to be a bird bath instead. I am going to fill the screw hole (in the center of the dish where it connects to the bracket) carefully with bathroom sealent so that it doesn’t act like a plug hole. This will get fixed on to the wall of the garage. It’s a very heavy piece of metalwork so it’s not for fences, it needs bricks.

lizards and a butterfly.
These little guys are going on top the fence on the side of the garden that has my fruit trees. In spring and summer it will look like there are lizards climbing about trying to steal my fruit.

These will go nicely with the metal snail wall decorations we already have there.

large silver heart.
I know the clue is in the name, but this really is big. I’ve got it hanging from my cherry tree and it looks fabulous. It arrives flat and you have to twist the centre slightly so that the rings are all at slightly different angles then it grabs the air like a fan. Even at night I can see the gentle reflection from it spinning slowly in the moonlight.


Simple checkout page.


Free delivery. Nice!

What’s the downside. Well I have to say it’s the prices. I cannot find anything wrong with the products, and they arrived fast. I even gave the delivery company an obscure “safe place” to deliver to, to check they are reading the notes. The parcel was left hidden in my back garden exactly where I said – well done. The gentleman from Gardens2You I’ve been talking to (ok emailing) is really helpful and knows his stuff – a total natural at customer service.

Inside the parcel it was utterly crammed full of carefully arranged brown paper padding. Me thinks whoever packs the parcels has wasted too many hours on Tetris as that space filling gets a gold star. The fragile items such as the lizards were bubble wrapped too. The vast majority of the packing materials are easy to recycle.

Would I buy from them? Yes, but I would shop smart. The bird feeder bracket is brilliant for the price of £20 and would be a great gift for a bird lover or gardener. I have seen similar items for sale at around £30/40. So check for offers or multi-buys, like 3 spinners for £15.

Overall I am impressed by Gardens2You. If you’ve got a spare few minutes I recommend you pop in to Monty’s potting shed for weekly competitions, deals and advice. Gardens2you is part of the Urban33 who also run Christmas Boutique.

All I need now is dry enough weather to get the drill out!

Disclosure : I was kindly sent all the above pictured items for free to blog about them. My thoughts are unbiased and honest.

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