Bloggers, I’ve got an idea 7

Whilst sat awake tonight an idea came to me #BlogTag


I figured that a lot of other bloggers like getting a new audience, new readers. I know I like stumbling across blogs I’ve not seen before, and I also love it when other bloggers tweet links to my blog or share on G+ or other kind things like that.

Well what if on a Wednesday evening we have a little twitter gathering. You tweet out the URL of a blog or two you like and @tag the blog owner and hash it #BlogTag – for example “have a peek at by @me #BlogTag because I like it / interesting posts / great reviews”

Something like this, something thats your opinion though not just borrowing that persons blog bio.
If someone #BlogTag’s you please tag them back in your own words.
Whilst you are there why not pop a comment on one of that persons blog posts or follow the blog if you don’t already. Meet new bloggers or see what your buddies are reading?

Like the old link exchange kind of thing from way back, but much more real recommendation. A bit like a twitter hosted blog hop!

Hopefully if it catches on bloggers can click the hash tag and find new people to follow.

If you’re reading this #BlogTag you’re it!! Tweet out your fave bloggers URL or any other blogger who’s tagged you.
Please join me and others this evening, I’ve not set a time for this as people could well be busy with childrens bed time routines, or cooking or something else. So whenever you’re ready…. Get set… #BlogTag

Pretty please share this post about or there’s going to be lots of confused people getting tagged.

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