Blogging buddies 2

Today I am another blogger conference, yes I know non-blogger readers might not be interested, but I’m still writing it.

Lucy and Mel

Lucy and Mel

These two, Mel and Lucy are fun to be with. I talk to them often, and not just blogging stuff. Real life and family, gossip and current affairs. Making friends online is so less scary than making friends down the pub ever was. You see us bloggers, we overshare our personal lives and our feelings. You know before you ever meet them in person if you’ll get on.


Laura and her babe

You get to go awwww at loads of cute babies. I love cute little babies, but I know I can’t/won’t have anymore. At blogger events it’s only tiny little babes usually, all sweet and no toddler tantrums.


The view M Shed in Bristol

The view from up here is pretty darn good too.


Bristol, zooming in

Not bad for a camera phone photo is it?


Hayley is chatting photography

Bloggers “working”. Listening and learning from Shutterflies.

I’ll be honest, the venue didn’t excite me this time, it felt like my old school classroom. Blog camp at Birmingham is normally in a really cool building, with interesting lighting and furniture. I noticed that it had the same effect on others nearby and heard “it’s like school isn’t it” a few times. I liked listening to some of the speakers, but I’d have loved to open up those windows and get some air in.

The days was aimed quite heavily at food bloggers this time, and I’m so not a food blogger. I’ve not the patience to set up the shots and write recipes, I just want to eat it hot.


Chat time

Jess, Hayley, Jane, Aly and Ciaran talking. Thanks to Tots100 as well.

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