Brewers Fayre do lunchtime carvery now? 2

Apparently they do! This was news to me but a few days ago I was treated to lunch with my friend Joy. She was invited to attend I kind of tagged along 


Proper "roast dinner" minus the washing up.

The restaurant is just off the M5 motorway at junction 9 Tewkesbury.  Not too far away from home,  but I think they are missing a trick not advertising it as motorway services – it’s closer to the road than most alleged “motorway services” where you seem to drive half a mile away from the slip roads. 


Rather nice looking for a big company.

I want my kitchen to be this tidy. It’s never going to happen.


I have slight kitchen envy

The staff were warm and friendly,  as were the locals. The table next to us were chatting away – me… talking to strangers!


Two puddings here were £2.50 - not each. Two for £2.50 is amazing

The best bit of any meal out has to be the pudding.  I really honestly ordered two – would be daft not to as the one I wanted was £2.99 but is on the two for £2.50 deal. Yeah, I know I shouldn’t have but you can’t argue when it’s mathematically a good deal.


The pudding menu

Joy behaved and had only one pudding,  a brilliant looking sundae.


Natural blogger pose.....

Disclosure : nowt to disclose,  this was Joy’s review op not mine.

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