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Recently I was contacted by New Covent Garden Soup Co. which I was pleased about as Blokey really likes their soup. He often buys the single portion size and freezes it for evenings when he goes to the gym and misses mealtime with the boys and I.

We reviewed sample products.

They have several varieties of soup so it doesn’t get boring and even a soup of the month, which in February was Thai broccoli and ginger. It’s a strange sounding mixture, but it tasted good. It’s still in our local Sainsbury store, so be quick. The upcoming flavour for March is Allotment Vegetable, I’m am intrigued by this name as you can grow almost anything on an allotment.

New Convent Garden Soup co. said “Romance is sure to be in the air this month with our latest tantalising marriage of flavours. This delicious recipe combines tasty broccoli with a splash of zesty lime, creamy coconut and a kiss of ginger to create a soup that is sure to ignite your senses this February. Whether enjoying it with your significant other or sipping it solo, let our new Thai Broccoli and Ginger Soup of the Month make your taste buds skip a beat this year!

Personally I like soup with chunky veg if I’m pretending to be healthy for a bit, but what I really like is the classic toasted cheese sarnie, and a nice big pint mug full of soup to dunk it in. The Tastes of the Worlds range  is my preferred dunkage. You really can’t use a standard mug, it just isn’t wide enough to dunk with ease. They have a “skinny” range where all the food advice traffic lights are green, and the taste of health range where each soup focuses on something such as high protein or fibre.

soup by candle light

Soup in the dark. It was the best I could do without light.

Ironically as I was writing this post the power cut out, so my dinner that’s half ready in the oven is no longer an option as our oven is electric. Our hob is gas luckily so I grabbed the soup from the fridge and a box of matches to light the hob. Indoor camping! My oldest son Dee was impressed with how well I know our kitchen in the dark. Jen isn’t a happy lad, he’s realised he can’t play on his computer tablet, it needs wifi which needs power.


If you’re a budding chef, why not enter their recipe competition?

Disclosure : We were sent vouchers to try out 2 cartons of soup so I could talk to you all about it. I actually bought 5, whoops!

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