Cant Afford to Move, Improve 2

We would love to move to a better house but at the moment we can not afford to so I’ve been trying to fix what I can. I figure this makes the house more valuable, so when we can eventually afford to get a new house this place should sell at a fair price.

Today I ripped up the carpet and underlay and nailed plywood over the damaged floor boards. It had been squeaking and creaking awfully. I knew the wooden boards were damaged but was surprised just how bad they were. Complete cracks through some of them. Sadly the boards are a non standard size and we were told would have to modify normal boards, I do not have the skills, cash or power tools.
So I decided on lining the floor with ply so it would spread the weight across weak and strong boards, making it safer and less noisy. That’s right, a girl doing the DIY.

After nailing down the plywood I had to re lay the underlay. By this point the photo quality decreases rapidly as it is getting dark outside.

Then onto the tricky part.. Re laying the carpet, a stiff Hessian backed carpet.

I succeeded but it wasn’t fun. Still, it was worth it. The floor creaks a little near the most damaged section but it is much better. It feels more solid under foot and the carpet doesn’t look bumpy so I did ok. I was really concerned partner or I might fall through in to the living room if it stayed as it was, you could feel the floor *sinking* as you walked nearer the worse section of the floor. If I am honest, I was starting to side step across the landing to avoid standing there.

The plywood cost me twenty pounds, considerably less than bespoke boards.

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