Do you like Bingo?

I do, I know this might give you a mental image of old folks at a retirement home, but it’s not like that. Almost every holiday park we go to I play bingo* in the evenings, just one book usually so around the price of a latte. I’ve never been keen on bingo in arcades, collecting tickets and taking them to a kiosk to cash in about a billion winning tickets for a single Mars bar. Nope! I’ll be honest I have played online bingo and won some, and lost some too.

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Making Up Memories 2

I recently won a £100 Groupon voucher, which I’m so grateful for. Thanks again to Luci at blog. A few months back the school photographers came in to class and the pictures they took were awful. Jen was dressed all wonky, shirt hanging out and disinterest all over his face. D was cross eyed and bored.   This will be the only year my boys are at the same school as D is top year juniors and Jen started at infants this year.We were upset the photos were so poor. It was like having a memory stolen from us. We had been looking at professional photo studios, and partner said “the boys Will need a good haircut first?” so we were looking at a three figure sum to fix this. Then I saw this on my Groupon app: “Family Photoshoot With Two Children’s Haircuts, Canvas Print and Additional Prints […]


Ok, so I’m not much of a blogger but

Now that I’m getting the hang of blogging, mainly by stalking twitter friends blogs I am getting more confident at this. I thought I’d have a little waffle, if this is OK with you guys? As you might know, as I hobby I comp. For those of you that don’t know “comp” or “comping” is entering competitions as a hobby, for profit, for the thrill or just because you’ve nowt better to do… which is how my addiction to comping started incidentally. In Feb 2011 we had a phone call from first news (children’s newspaper) about a competition my eldest had entered. It was quite a shock, and cried, was shaking, the LOT. He had won us a weeks holiday to Universal theme parks in Florida!! Gobsmacked and shell shocked didn’t begin to cover it. I was assured I would hear from Universal within a week, and that’s where the stress […]