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Bunny hutch roof repairs 7

We only bought Patch a new hutch last year and the roof has already failed. Rain water has been leaking in through the roof felt. I can’t afford a new hutch at the moment. So rather than leave it to get worse and Patch to get damp, I’ve come up with a great cheap fix. I bought a cheap large bit of tarpaulin, £5 for approx 2 by 3 meters in a local shop. Armed with sharp scissors and a normal stapler I made a new roof (kinda). Think of old episodes of “changing rooms” and the presenter obsessed with re-upholstery and staple guns.


The Easter bunnies repair job 6

Over the winter Bart and Mo’s home was badly damaged. The roof bowed and bent under the weight of water in the storms, then sprung a leak. As you know I hate wasting things I was determined to repair not replace this hutch. It was all sound except the roof wood and felt. Luckily the wooden batoning around the roof was not damaged, which meant I could attach a new roof straight on it. I considered buying plywood and felt and doing it the classic bunny hutch way. Nah, too weak! I considered layered planks of wood, shed roof or chicken coop style, too draughty and needs regular varnishing to keep it water tight. Nope! The wood would cost around £20-30 depending on where was purchased.


An Extra Room 5

For a long while I’ve been tripping over Lego and toys and things. The Lego train set takes up lots of floor space and when Dee gets it out he hates being asked to pack it away.  Well today I solved this problem, I made us an extra room. A week ago I asked on Freecycle if anyone had any carpet offcuts so I could carpet the loft as a play space for my boys. A lovely chap responded, and even delivered it to us. It was several bits of long but narrow carpet about 12ft long, but in various widths.


The Little Things 7

Today I’m happy. A few years back I knocked our kitchen and hallway wall down to make one large kitchen. Since then the floor has been covered in thin boards, which looked so temporary. The walls and ceiling were painted, curtains were up, everything else except the floor. I felt embarrassed to open the front door. But not today, because now it’s finally homey and finished. At last!

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Cant Afford to Move, Improve 2

We would love to move to a better house but at the moment we can not afford to so I’ve been trying to fix what I can. I figure this makes the house more valuable, so when we can eventually afford to get a new house this place should sell at a fair price. Today I ripped up the carpet and underlay and nailed plywood over the damaged floor boards. It had been squeaking and creaking awfully. I knew the wooden boards were damaged but was surprised just how bad they were. Complete cracks through some of them. Sadly the boards are a non standard size and we were told would have to modify normal boards, I do not have the skills, cash or power tools.So I decided on lining the floor with ply so it would spread the weight across weak and strong boards, making it safer and less […]

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DIY costs more than buying ready made 1

The above bunny run took several days effort, first pack of wood was naff, then we found our wire was rusty so it took from good Friday until yesterday, 5 days!! eek. The cost of wood, wire mesh, wood varnish and nails came to £55 and you can buy runs for £45 upwards. Dohh. Still, my bunnies finally can stretch their legs. I have not been able to let them out as they have been destroying my veggies, not good. My other half said He would be cooking the rabbits if he had no vegetables left to cook. :-/