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Stop Graphic Images On The Front Pages 2

I read something on T’internet tonight I had to share, Darren of OD3G blog has started an e-petition in response to more graphic images being on the front pages, making them hard to ignore, and lets be honest you can’t unsee the woolwich murders covered in blood once you’ve seen it can you? What’s the problem? Well children actually, I don’t want my child to see decapitated soldiers, or murders or the moment a pressure cooker bomb exploded or piles of bodies covered in cloth after flood/earthquakes. Nor does Darren, and he has a point. The Front Pages petition can be found here.

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#MMskydive – Why Am I Skydiving For The Lullaby Trust? 2

The last few days Team Matilda Mae have been busy talking about ideas for fundraising and I realised I’ve not really explained why I want to do this. Why am I willing to jump from a plane for a family I’ve never met? Why should I even care? Well here goes, I care simply because I am a Mum too. I saw the tweets from Jennie about Matilda Mae and all my sympathy, and thoughts were with her, I wanted to fix this. Hoped so hard it was a mistake, that She might wake up. I cried reading my screen, Jennie was not just words on a screen, she was a real lady, sharing her real emotions, and I needed to fix it, to help, to listen. But I can’t fix it, there is nothing anyone can do to bring Matilda back, but by doing something mad for The Lullaby Trust charity […]

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An Auction for Matilda Mae #MMMA

There is an internet auction going on in memory of Matilda Mae, and to raise funds for the Lullaby Trust. I blogged about this just before the first auctions went live, but those auctions have ended now. At the moment there are 50+ items on auction so there is something for everyone. Check the items on offer, or share using Twitter tag #MMMA eBay listings for #MMMA

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Today is Matilda’s Birthday

Auction for Matilda Mae  The Auction will be supported by Tots100 Today is a year since Matilda Mae was born, and today is the day Team Matilda Mae announce an online auction will start soon – from the 11th May so pop the date in your diary. All money raised goes straight to the Lullaby Trust. For information use the hashtags #MatildaMaeMemorialAuction or #MMMA.Read what Tots100 wrote about this, or to grab a badge to support the auction.

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National Stalking Awareness Day #NSAD2013

Check out for advice Today is National Stalking Awareness Day, or #NSAD2013 if you’re on twitter today. I wanted to post again on stalking as its been a while since I posted my own stalking experience, and that post is a few pages back now. As well as the stalking helpline website I have also found a useful site called Digital Stalking, and they have advice for staying safe online including tips on Facebook privacy settings. Another Anti-Stalking site is, not a catchy URL that, but they are on twitter as @EndToStalking which should be easier to remember. These days stalking is a crime, if you want to talk to someone please call 0808 802 0300 or if you are in danger always call 999. Don’t stay quiet, help is there. Here is an AudioBoo posted by Thames Valley police, its a stalking victim talking about her experience. […]

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FSID Has Changed Their Name – The Lullaby Trust 8

From today, Wednesday the 10th of April, FSID are changing their name to The Lullaby Trust. Bright new future, in support of Edspire! This is a much more gentle sounding name and might help families feel more able to access the information and services that they provide.This was top secret until now, so look suprised? 😉 I’m sharing this music video to help spread the word about the new name change. I think it’s a beautiful song, and is also very relevant as I was encouraged to write this by Jennie Edspire whose angel Matilda Mae passed away. Her name meant “star of the sea” so Star Sailor’s Lullaby was the obvious choice for me to use, after a bit of careful thought. About / The Lullaby Trust.Online you’ll find lots of advice about trying to prevent cot death, but if you aren’t sure I’d check what your local […]

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Fiona is Running Race For Life for Cancer Research UK

My darling sister is registered for race for life. So far she’s had one sponsor… Moi.So I’m sharing her sponsorship page here in the hope it helps her reach her target.I know she can run, but I swear she’s only shared the link twice, that won’t work. She’s not exactly got online promotional skills, so big sis (Me) is butting in. We hate cancer because it stole our Gramps from us. I’m so proud of her for doing this. I know strangers won’t know our Gramps, but he was a good man, a police man for decades until he retired, and hes the greatest man I ever knew. Don’t donate if my sharing this link offends you, but if you know how nasty the big C is consider donating a quid to help encourage Fiona and kick Cancers butt. Run Fi Run!Thanks for all RTs and shares.

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An end to Animal Testing? A Petition 3

Over the years I have always tried to avoid animal testing, not just because I keep a pet bunny rabbit, but because I believe hurting animals like this is wrong. Something readers to this blog won’t know is as a teenager I used to go door-to-door in my village in Cornwall with petitions. I don’t think I was popular for doing this, Door knocking with a “ban fox hunting” petition in a very rural place that had its own hunt meet. Picture credit, LUSH It wasn’t just foxes I tried to help, was pretty much any animal campaign by Greenpeace, WWF, The RSPCA or PETA. Save the whales, no to bunny testing, free range not battery hens… that sort of thing. I still very much agree with the anti cruelty message, but I am no longer a vegetarian. I do however prefer traceable meats from proper butchers and farmers, not […]