Food. Farming. Future. 2

Well I was tagged by a twitter friend and asked to help out, so here you go Mich @ Mummy from the heart blog. Mich blogs these things so much better than me, so please do go to her blog for a read of her version. As a Mum I hate those starving kids adverts for charities on TV, not because I’m tight, but because it makes me feel helpless and useless I can’t do much to help them, I can’t go there personally and give those children clean water or food or hugs, and I won’t get into a financial debate here, but things are tight at the moment. I am very glad I was born in England, with clean water, and access to food and medicines. My youngest son, although not born early, or by C-section had a very similar problem to the situation mention in Mich’s post […]

New Car, Yes please

Hello folks, I have just seen a fabulous competition with Nissan to win an electric car, and help your local area to get electric car charging points. I don’t have a licence myself, so the Other Half entered and I’m trying to help him grab votes or “Turn ons” as Nissan have called it   :-O I’m learning to drive and this would be amazing!! Pretty please would you mind voting for us, especially if I have ever voted for you in these kind of comps.