Halloween is coming – WIN 38

As it is Autumn now that means one thing, Halloween. Yippee! I like Halloween, an excuse to say hiya to all my neighbours when the kids go out in fancy dress. In fact I only see certain neighbours at Halloween, to us it’s not frightening it’s just fun. This will be Doris Dog’s first Halloween here, so I’m going to need a costume for both her and Freya Woof. My son is saying we should have them dressed as a dead horse, a bit like in panto horse – half each. If I can find a big enough horse teddy I might be able to adapt this into a pair of dog outfits. They are most likely going to be ending up dressed in outfits from the child clothing section in local shops though. Another classic of Halloween is the horror film and Wes Craven was the Daddy of all […]


A summery Halloween 7

Today was a really warm day – 22°c. It is not what you expect on Halloween really, I am used to freezing my behind off trick or treating. Today was lovely though. There was a Halloween themed family fun day up the hill so I took the boys and the woofer out for a drive. We had a go at some crafts first. The boys made badges and carved pumpkins. The boys had fun with the pumpkins, but made me do the gross bit of hollowing out the stringy bits and seeds. It feels so slimey and nasty. 


Trick or treat 5

As I am sure you know it’s Halloween this week. The shops are pushing sugar loaded sweets, and I didn’t want to go there. Why are the treats all confectionary, why no savoury snacks? I wanted tiny bags of cheesy biscuits but there was only the most expensive left, so I left those. What did I buy then? A packet of mixed wrapped sweets, a packet of boxed raisins, a packet of boxed yogurt coated strawberry bits and a bag of loose sprouts. Yes sprouts. When the kids grab a handful they will getting dried fruit – natures own sweets, and possibly a sprout. I want there to be a trick involved. I will peel the outer leaves to tidy them up a bit.

Finished melon witch

Spooky Fruit – Why Should Pumpkins Get All The Fun? 5

I was asked if I’d like to take part in Alex and Alexa #SpookyFruit competition as pumpkins totally hog the limelight in October, and the rest of the fresh fruit and veggies are feeling left out! As we saw there were Lego storage heads in the first prize we had to join in. The rest of the prizes aren’t shabby either, with 3 prize sets on offer FIRST PRIZE: Everything you need for a truly terrifying Halloween with the kids. A cutely, creepy knitted toy from Lucky Boy Sunday Two Halloween kids’ costumes from Lucy Locket Two fabulous Lego storage heads for Halloween candy A selection of beautiful Halloween party supplies for kids from Meri Meri A set of cute Halloween figurines by wooden toy suppliers Le Toy Van Second and third prizes you just lose some of the package above, so still not bad.  

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Is this how you see me? Is it?

Stigma – Do I Look Mental? #MentalPatient 5

Well twitter was a fun place tonight. An awful lot of people are deeply offended, upset, angered or plain livid with ASDA and Tesco. If you missed it I’m sure you’ll read about it soon. It’s not the costume that offends me so much as the name. Mental patient. I’m a mental patient actually, thanks ASDA. Read Nickie’s post on this costume. It has offended me and I am not really buying ASDAs “sorry” tweets. Way to go, fuel stigma and prejudice.   Do I look mental? Is there a uniform my psychotherapist forgot to issue me with? If I was cooking and had a big knife would that be a Halloween worthy look? Can you tell by looking at me I’m nuts? Mental? Medicated?

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The day my Children met my Dad 2

I was looking through old photos last night and found some photos I wanted to share. These are taken on the ONLY time my Dad has met my sons. I nearly cried looking at them…….. These were taken on Halloween 2009. Its now 2 years since then, and he hasn’t come to see us. I can’t contact him as he doesn’t tell me his address, email or phone number. I love being the unwanted unplanned child, really, I do. I’ve only seen this brother and sister once except the meeting photo’d here which hurts aswell to be honest. This meeting only came about as I found an old phone number and phoned him, D had been asking lots of awkward questions “Who is your Dad?” “If he’s my grandad why has he never met me?” “is he embarrassed by me Mum?” and so on. I gave my Dad an ultimatum […]