Adaptil tablets – do they work?

Our darling Doris is terrified of fireworks we recently found out. Really terrified, she has worryingly long panic attacks as I mentioned recently. Having seen her panic, I knew I didn’t want to just “wait and see” if she’d be alright. So we have been using Adaptil stress relief tablets for dogs.


Halloween photos 4

Halloween, great for us… a bit #$^! for Doris. My little darling has been freaking out all evening due to fireworks, never far from our sides. We all went for a walk for trick or treating, 2 adults, 2 kids and 2 dogs. Freya was fine, but on one house the kids knocked on there was no answer. Seconds later we knew why, they were just lighting the fireworks in their back yard. Doris tried to run across a road dragging me behind her, I managed to hold the lead. She was wriggling all over the place and her tail was so down it was touching her chest.


Are your dogs scared of fireworks?

About a fortnight ago I got a nasty shock, we were all sat on the sofa watching TV one evening and six fireworks went off. They weren’t massive but they utterly terrified Doris. We didn’t know she was afraid of fireworks as we only adopted her in January, after Bonfire night and New Years midnight fireworks.     It was very worrying for us seeing her, she was shaking and crying so much she started to struggle breathing, followed by a fluctuating heartbeat. Every little movement or noise got her all worked up again. It was heartbreaking to watch her struggling, there really wasn’t much we could do except stroke her and tell her she was safe. Her panic attack lasted around 2 hours, as an owner with PTSD who has panic attacks I understood her fear.


A Pawsome treat for your hound 1

This week a postie knocked with a nice parcel. A Pawsome box for Freya and Doris to share. It’s like a “beauty box” but full of doggy treats and toys not make up and lotions. A random selection of goodies for your best friend, as a subscription box. A great idea I think, it takes away the dilemma of choice. I often end up buying the girls the same treats, the same type of toys – it’s easy to end up with favourites and not look at new things. Discount code at the end of this post.


Doris and Freya try Tails food 2

Being ex strays my girls really wolf down their food just in case they don’t get anything the next day. They aren’t so bad these days, they’ve got used to getting fed the right amount then getting a little top up in their bowls in the evenings. They will always try to get extra, and Freya used to hide treats and biscuits under the sofa for later. Nearly a month ago I started Freya and Doris on Tails dog food*, you tell them about your hound – weight, breed, health concerns and favourite meat flavours – they custom make the right food mixture for your hound. This means although Freya and Doris are very similar they have different food tailored to suit each of them.


Easy sew dog outfits

This Halloween I’ve decided to do things a little different, and I have made the girls outfits. This is Freya’s third Halloween here and Doris’ first so I thought it would be sweet if they matched. I’ve altered a blue mini dress of mine to be a Star Trek TOS uniform so the hounds are also joining Star Fleet.


Jen gets pets 1

This weekend Jen got his own pets for his own bedroom. He’s got to feed and clean them and when he’s confident with them, handling them too. He’s been begging for a hamster but with sighthounds that can (and do) catch small animals I think a rodent is a bad idea. The woofers ignore insects, so insects it is. He’s named them after Minions as they are all very similar looking and he’s their “Gru”. Unfortunately these were the last stickies left in the pet shop and none of them have 6 legs left… poor things. I remember my sister having stickies and they lay eggs which hatch easily so we should get some 6 legged ones at some point. The total cost of these low maintenance pets was 75p for 4 disabled bugs, a £6 plastic tank for Wilko and 2 £1 bags of aviary sand to give the […]


Woof whiffs 1

As much as I love my hounds, ex stray dogs come with issues. Doris’ biggest flaw is so won’t tell us when she needs a pee. This means that most mornings she’s left a wet patch somewhere, obviously I’d rather like her to stop doing this, but as she’s not getting the hint I leave rugs in places she commonly pees so I can machine wash them. Sadly she goes next to the rug some nights and this is why I am happy I own a Vax. It’s not a big or powerful one, but it gets the job done eventually.


Doggy drama 24

Tuesday was a normalish day, we walked around the city finding the Scrumpty statues. We walked about 4 kilometres, then I drove to the last one as my parking ticket was nearly up. You do not want to mess with parking in Gloucester, we have almost as many parking wardens as car parks. After getting home it was calm but not that quiet. A neighbour was doing DIY so there was some muffled banging. Freya and Doris went upstairs, I assumed to steal my bed, but half an hour later I heard rather louder noises. Banging, thumping, scratching. Before I could investigate something hits the ground in the garden. Something brown, and fluffy… jesus it’s Freya!


Summer is flea season 1

Sorry to be the one to deliver bad news, but this warm weather is great for pesky fleas and parasites. I usually use cheap flea spot-on treatments for the dogs in the first couple of days each month. I aim for parasite treatments on the 1st of each month but I am a bit ditzy sometimes and it can be a day or three late. This month though they had something a bit stronger, Bob Martin Clear range. The spot-on is boxed by size, the medium is what suits Freya and Doris, it is dosed by weight so weigh your best friend first. The box contains 3 pipettes, so that’s 3 months of solid treatment, at around £4 a box that means that it is really good value. It was easy to apply, as with most dog spot-ons you squeeze it on to your hounds shoulder blades and neck area. […]


Goodbye Anneka 1

Today has been a bit pants to be honest, a nice lie in and cooked brunch turned bad when at lunchtime I went in to the back garden. One of the chickens, Anneka, has been ill and injuried for a while. She’s had treatment at a vet and medication, I was checking her scars daily. Giving her a full wash down with the hose on warm days, or a sponge bath on cooler days. Today was sunny. I hosed her down and was about to towel dry her. But she looked to be in pain, I checked the deep scar on her back. It appeared to have been healing the last few days but nope, it popped as I washed her, it was actually a deep abscess. She closed her eyes and shook in pain. I tried to get her attention with her favourite food, but it was pointless. She […]