Our wedding 3

Nope, this isn’t going to be a soppy, lovey dovey post. But there will be photos. We had a non traditional wedding, and I’m going to list the quirky bits, the me bits. First up we didn’t go all bridezilla and crazy, things were booked fast then not worried about until just before the big day. There is no point stressing and almost needing a divorce before you’re even hitched. Luckily neither of us are religious so that cut down on “rules” and traditions. We only informed family about a fortnight before the wedding, we invited just immediate family, a bridesmaid for me, a best man for him. One exception to the “family only” invites was our pal Kevin and his wife Lynn. I married him because I love him, because he’s a freak that makes me giggle, because he keeps me sane (mostly) and for lots of other little […]


Photography on the blog 5

Today I was at Blog On Cymru in Cardiff.  This meant I was up early for a weekend,  but was worth the effort for the goody bag alone but that is another post.  The best thing today was Lucy teaching me some photography skills, and it appears I have a bit of a natural talent for “staged flat lay photography”. I’ll share a few images here and I would love your opinions please.


TruPrint photo gifts for Mothers day #MillionMumsSmile 2

Not sure what you are planning for Mothers day, but I did something a little different for my Mum and Mum in law this year. Photo gifts from TruPrint. I don’t really see the point in handing a greetings card to someone you see in person so I tend not to send them to our Mums. For my own Mum I made a large photo mug using images of me and my boys from my phone. I forgot to photograph it to show you – I liked it too much and gave it to my Mum already, sorry readers. Mothers day is actually on Sunday the 15th of March this year so I was far too early.


#MySundayPhoto – cycling 10

Jen cycled to school, I chose lanes and alleys not the main road just in case. Sadly this was the same morning as a fatal hit and run on a cyclist near our home, so I felt a tad nervous. But my baby did great. I couldn’t get a better photo as he kept speeding off ahead. He did wait nicely at the end of this lane on the pavement, waiting to safely cross the busy road with me. This made me feel old, but happy. My baby is actually a big boy. Linking to #MySundayPhoto at OD3G.


More wonderful street art 7

It seems the posts where I share local street art are popular, so here is a large bit of street art by “TRIX”. Although I have no idea who they are, I see this name on art about town. I have photographed this to remember it, in case it get removed. I adore graffiti work like this, it must have taken so many hours, and I can tell you it took weeks and months to appear there.