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Home Sweet Cold Home 4

We came back from Hendra today, a few hours on the motorway. I kept falling asleep in the car on the way back so it didn’t seem such a long journey this time as it did travelling down there. Monday to Friday just doesn’t seem long enough. I don’t usually like holiday and caravan parks but I’m tempted to book to go back there soon. Great customer service from almost everyone and Emma the entertainments manager is just awesome. Me and the blokey even got on the stage for some of the game shows. Pretty silly stuff! My blokey is in the check shirt The park’s mascot is a huge hippo called Henry. Henry’s picture is all over the park and Jen adored him.We had to buy Jen a Henry teddy, £6 so much cheaper than Butlins Billy bear, and it’s a reasonable size too. Each morning a land train […]

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Just Arrived at Hendra in Newquay 2

First impressions of the outside of our caravan, home for the next few days, wasn’t marvellous. They are all beige and uniform distances apart. Then we walked inside, pleasantly surprised! Some of the fitted furniture is better than the furniture in my house. Home from home I decided to bring some of our own bed linen to avoid an extra charge, and at least I know its washed in decent detergent if I’ve done it myself. I also took the Brolly sheet which you can’t see but it’s under Buzz Lightyear. The boys made themselves comfortable! Then we had pizza and a pudding pizza which I thought was great. 😀 yummy! Thanks Morrisons, never had a pudding pizza before, but it’s awesome.Now we are at the club bar ready for kiddy entertainment to start. Cheesy music but holiday parks are meant to be cheesy aren’t they. Here is the Caravan […]

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Off On a Short Break 3

On Monday partner, the kids and I are off to Hendra near Newquay in Cornwall. It was a cheapish holiday via the Sun newspaper £9.50 holidays offer. Of course it wasn’t £9.50 a person, more like £20 each but that’s still pretty good. We are staying in a caravan, when we booked this we had no reason to suspect snow and high winds and flooding at this time of year. Now I rarely watch the news on the telly box, but today I did and I’m a bit shocked. What on earth is going on with the Cornish weather? Eek! For now though the holiday is still on, things could improve by Monday right? Pinkies crossed everyone. These kind of cheap holidays can’t be re booked or anything unfortunately. I’m still looking forwards to this, and even bought a new swimsuit. It’s a tankini really, but matches and appears to […]

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I love Eden Project

Nice day out. Started with thunderstorms but right now I do not care. I am sat inside the domes of the Eden project. Having coffee in the “Med” whilst waiting for a story-telling session to start for the boys. Also free wifi which is a bonus for snap happy folk with camera phones like myself. I have just found out if you buy a refillable metal water bottle or coffee travel mug you can have free refills all day with your receipt. This is not advertised in the coffee shops and food places, I saw a small sign by the cups saying refills all day. The cups are £7.50 which seems expensive but a single cuppa coffee is £2.50! The water bottles are £6.25 and are for water or soft drinks. If you are a grown up reading this and you plan to visit Eden head straight to the gift […]

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Unhappy Campers

Well, a lovely week camping last week is being ruined this week by chav teenagers bullying us, although mainly bullying/heckling my Hubby.The night before last our car was keyed in the night on the rear behind passenger door, the night before this was keyed same place but on petrol tank side. Several times in last few days we’ve found certain tent pegs pulled right out. As seasoned campers we both can not see how this was happening to the same few pegs, despite being reattached and none of the nearby pegs moved at all, even in rain and windy weather we had a few nights ago. This evening the little punks (best non swearing word I can think of right now) started shouting names at Hubby. He doesn’t react, so I respect his choice, although they were doing thus over an hour. Now I wonder what will our car look like […]

Hello from the Great Outdoors

Hello bloggers. Well here I am writing from my tent again.Today we went to Porthcothan beach (Padstow ish if you care to check a map). We adore this beach. It’s got RNLI lifeguards on the beach all day, they are very reassuring to see when you are on the beach with small folk. So today we were going to have a packed lunch on beach, totally disrupted by wasps. Lucky my son was paying more attention than me, a wasps landed on edge of my sarnie as I was busy talking between bites. So glad little Jenny yelled “Mummy no, its got a waspy on it” or I would likely be in local hospital. I’m not properly allergic, but I do swell significantly and a sting in mouth/throat area would affect breathing. That’ll teach me to talk so much eh? After lunch we zipped everything into my lovely camouflage Gelert pop-up tent […]

First day camping

Well, we arrived, albeit rather later than planned. (my fault as I’m lazy.) It’s nearly 10pm as I start to write this blog from my phone. First kettle of the day is *finally* boiling, Hurrah! Hot chocolate, cow pjs and bed time. It’s been a stressful afternoon, the drive here wasn’t so bad, except a near miss on the motorway. We were in the middle lane, sensible speed overtaking a small car. A car in the slow lane indicates to pull into middle lane, in front of us, and a car in fast lane does the same. Neither bothers to check properly that its clear and neither seemed to see each other, or our car. Hard to miss us really, estate car, roof box and a trailer!! Anyways, it was ok – I closed my eyes and braced for a crash, told kids to sit up straight (so seat belts […]


Lazy lazy me!

I’m going camping tomorrow, leaving at 8am. I still haven’t started packing. How awful am i? Haha, distracted by friends on Twitter, as usual. Anyhow, I’m off to cornwall, for 2 weeks. We stay on a nice farm, kids have free access to farm animals to huggle, big trampolines, go-karts on a decent sized tarmac track, swings, slides, sandpit. Total bargain when my kids often want to do the 5 mins on a trampoline (think beaches or summer fetes) for £2! The campsite is less than a travellodge per night, and near a small beach in cornwall. It’s fab! Reminds me though, that this time last year I was worried about breast cancer. Had lumps, the holiday fell between doctors appointment and the full hospital scan business. Me and other half were discussing wills and such in dark after boys were asleep. This year WILL be better!